All Star Game

Team#1 (Home Team)

Manager – Ed Walton (Brooklyn)

Ryan Smith – P (Brooklyn)
David Gillis – 3B (Brooklyn)
Jason Smith – OF (Brooklyn)
Tyson Lankford – SS (Brooklyn)
Joey Mayer – 2B (Brooklyn)
David DeLomba – C (Brooklyn)
Ben Kelsey – P/3B (Brewers)
Danny Kountz – 1B/3B/P (Brewers)
Cory Smith – SS/3B (Brewers)
Wes Warfield – P/OF (Outlaws)
Chris Adams – IF (Outlaws)
Ian Roberts – CF (Kings)
Thad Rodgers – P/1B (Kings)

Team#2 (Visitor Team)

Manager – John Santiago (Mets)

Marcus Burr – P (Mets)
Mark McFadden – IF (Mets)
David McFadden – IF (Mets)
Thomas McFadden – IF (Mets)
Casey Sawyer – OF (Mets)
Jordan Entrikin – IF (Mets)
Shannon Wirth – 3B (A’s)
Jason Beitey – SS (A’s)
Jayson Obermiller – OF/P (A’s)
Torey Dunn – IF (A’s)
Addam Tate – P (A’s)
Jordan Grissom – P (Indians)
Adam Horton – P/IF/OF (Indians)
Ricardo Lopez – OF (Indians)
Kevin McCALL – SS/P/Utility (Tigers)
Dan Riggs – P/1B (Tigers)

MSBL Portland would like to congratulate the 2012 All-Star Players! The home run derby starts at noon Sunday 8/12/12. With a short break in between, the All-Star game will follow the home run derby.

Congratulations and enjoy!

MSBL Portland Administration