We follow the MSBL national rules, and for a copy of the complete league rules, click here for a pdf.

Effective 1/1/12

2012 MSBL Portland Code of Conduct / Player Behavior and Team Responsibility Penalties

1st Offense- suspended for up to two games pending MSBL Portland committee consideration (player can be in team dugout up to the 1st pitch of the game. Player can not be in uniform. Once the game starts, the suspended player is not allowed in the dug out, bullpen or field area what so ever. He must be in the stands or absent from the field entirely).

2nd Offense (same player) – Suspended for 5 games, League games or Playoff’s (Player not allowed at field or in stands during period of suspension).

3rd Offense (same player) – player suspended for 1 calendar year and team manager suspended 2 games, league games or playoff’s. This offense may include expulsion from MSBL Portland pending MSBL Portland committee consideration.

Appeals are available. Requirements are $50 up front payment to MSBL Portland along with written explanations and pleadings from the player in question, his coach, the opposing teams coach and at least two other managers from a non-related MSBL Portland team. Review will take MSBL Portland one calendar week. If Ruling is upheld, $50 will be deemed as income to MSBL Portland for administrative time and materials. If Ruling is overturned, $50 payment will be refunded to the player or team whom issued the appeal and payment.